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How to Keep Frogs Out of Pool

By Jayden Maverick Apr 28, 2023

Frogs are drawn to swimming pools not just because they can’t distinguish between clean and dirty water but also because the pool can offer them abundant food. Insects are also attracted to water, and for frogs, a swarm of bugs around the pool is like a feast. When the pool lights are turned on at night or when the water reflects light, it draws even more insects, which serve as a second course for the frogs.

How to keep frogs out of pool

1. Switch off the pool lights

It’s crucial to remove the frogs’ food supply to avoid attracting them to your pool. By turning off the pool lights at night, you can prevent frogs from being attracted by bugs.

2. Start the pool pump or install a water feature

Static water attracts frogs because it makes an excellent hunting area. The water can be made less appealing to frogs by adding a water feature, such as a waterfall or fountain, or by installing a pool pump. To discuss your possibilities, think about getting in touch with a nearby water feature business.

3. Building a Pond in Your Backyard

Frogs are beneficial to have around since they eat a lot of unpleasant insects, despite the fact that their croaking might be annoying. Your swimming pool, however, is not the ideal habitat for these amphibians. Consider providing them with a different habitat as an alternative to permanently expelling them. This could be the perfect time to start building the backyard pond you’ve always wanted.

Natural water features are crucial parts of pollinator habitats because they draw beneficial insects like dragonflies, which consume garden pests, in addition to serving as a sanctuary for frogs.

4. Apply Frog Repellent

There are various natural substances that can be used as repellents to keep frogs away from your pool. Due to their sensitivity to salt, vinegar, and citric acid, frogs might be discouraged by sprinkling or spraying these substances around the pool area. Pets and young children should be kept away from these treated areas, though.

It is preferable to avoid applying these things directly to the frogs’ bodies or utilizing strong chemicals like ammonia because these actions can be damaging to the amphibians. Frogs can be repelled by coffee grounds, which can be scattered around the pool area.

5. Clean your pool on a regular basis

Cleaning your pool regularly is essential for both your enjoyment and the safety of frogs. If your pool has algae, leaves, or other debris, frogs may mistake it for a pond.

Live frogs can also contain bacteria and other dangerous materials that, if not properly removed, can contaminate the water in your pool. You should maintain the chemical balance of your pool and routinely skim the surface to prevent any potential health risks. If you require assistance with pool upkeep, get in touch with a nearby pool cleaning service.

6. Quickly remove any frog eggs.

Use a pool skimmer as soon as you see a gelatinous mass of frog eggs floating in your pool to remove them. Frogs lay their eggs in water, and if you leave them in your pool, they may develop into tadpoles that can damage your pool. They can be moved risk-free to a marsh or pond nearby.

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It’s crucial to remember that a frog might still get into your pool even if you take all the appropriate precautions. Because of this, it’s crucial to employ a variety of methods rather than depending solely on one to keep them at bay.

Remember that touching frogs won’t injure you and that they are not poisonous or harmful. Use a skimmer to gently remove any frogs you find in your swimming pool before they drown. Then, release them in a pond you’ve made or far from your pool. You’ll feel good about assisting the frogs by doing this, and they’ll be appreciative as well.


By Jayden Maverick

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